Shamrocks in the Crannies

I skimped on my “nooks and crannies” project today.  The cold virus that had the children coughing earlier in the week decided to go after larger prey and attack me. 


I did manage the regular cleaning day prep, groomed the dog (senseless to vacuum before I de-fur him somewhat), and all that. 


I hoped to clean out the frightening and ominous coat closet.  Our house doesn't have a closet near the front door so the coat closet is located in the playroom, and doubles as a craft closet, and is just generally impossible.  I did get a few bags of stuff out of there and relocated to the loft over the barfice (barn/office). 


After that though, I looked at the STILL jumbled closet, and with a defeated sigh, shut the door.  I decided instead to putz and do my March decorating.  (In case you are concerned, I'm convinced my little rabbit is drinking Irish-Cream flavored coffee.)  




We don't make a big deal of St Patrick's Day, but we do usually take the opportunity to read about the historic Patrick and his missionary work.  Here's a link with his story. We'll study Ireland and Scotland a bit (Since Patrick had ties with both) and enjoy listening to lively irish reels! 


4 thoughts on “Shamrocks in the Crannies

  1. Glad you got so much done today. We have to double up on some of our closet space, too, and it seems when I downsize I look to see there is still so much stuff. It’s a constant thing with us. But am thankful that the Lord provides so much for us. *Ü*
    Thank you for the link to the history of St. Patrick’s Day. I planned on reading its history to the kids, too.
    As, always, I’ve loved visiting your blog. Just seeing your family makes me smile.

    ~ Christina

  2. Cathy, Candace’s mom, has sent out another EMERGENCY Prayer Request for Candace. (She also posted one in the middle of the night that Janne informed some of us of, as things are not going well). Please keep this little girl in fervent prayer.

    Please remember the family of Missey who are having her funeral this morning. I will be having a post honoring Missey through “A Mother’s T.R.E.K.” and will keep you posted on that as well.

    In Him,

  3. Oh I dance to a lot of scottish and irish music. I will throw in a cd when I ship your box! *wink*

  4. You get to feeling better soon.
    Sounds like your putzing about(one of my favorite activities)
    was productive.

    Thank you for the Irish/Scotland link.
    Irish creme coffe flavoring sounds delicious also.
    Thanks for sharing,

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