Sprout Salads

A few weeks ago I decided to try growing my own sprouts! We’ve been enjoying having fresh sprouts every day. Today when we finished off the daily “crop” (one full quart jar of sprouts), My eldest asked if could start doing 2 jars a day!

In addition to being nutritional and culinary, it has been educational, and a perfect science unit for my children’s ages. We’ve looked at the nutrients in the different sprouts, talked about photosynthesis and the greening, the watering, and the growth process. Watching them sprout is amazing–it is just 4-6 days from dry seed to the table!

A brochure from the Sprout People, emphasizing the importance of draining thoroughly after each rinse, says, “do whatever it takes–shake, spin, bounce or dance with your sprouter…” Kendra is my primary sprout assistant, and enjoys “doing the sprout dance” to get all the water out of the jars.

The children were also amused at a line in the brochure stating, “If you want to you can talk to your sprouts and play them music.” Kaira has been improvising, “Ode to Alfalfa” and other such pieces on the piano for their benefit. Ken and I know a farming family who broadcasts music over their crops, convinced it helps them grow. The children are skeptical, but intrigued. (Honestly, I’m skeptical but intrigued.)

So far we’ve sprouted alfalfa, adzuki, mung, a “French Garden” mix (with clover, arugula, cress, radish, fenugreek and dill) and a bean mix (lentils, garbanzo, pea and other legumes). The adzuki weren’t to our taste, so we won’t be doing them again, but the others have been fantastic.

I’ve been impressed with how easy it is. To eat a jar a day, we start a jar a day. At night I put some seeds in the jar and fill it with water. While I sleep, they soak.  Come morning, I drain them. 3x per day we rinse and drain. By day 4 or 5 we eat them for lunch! We’ve been eating them as a stand-alone salad, with a bit of dressing. (Sometimes I’ll toss in some tomato or whatever else I have in the crisper.) It is really more convenient than ensuring I have fresh lettuce on hand all the time. (Although we enjoy spinach/romaine salads sometimes too.)

Even Ken has been eating them!  He suggested I try some grains.  He sampled sprouted barley at work and thinks it would make a good breakfast.  Since sprouted grains use the same procedure, sprouted grains  here we come!


10 thoughts on “Sprout Salads

  1. Responding to above comment:

    Thanks! Aren’t they colorful! I purchased the lids online at the sproutpeople.com website. They are inexpensive and have holes to allow the water to drain. The jars are just plain, ordinary wide-mouth mason jars I bought at Walmart, and the boxes are some plastic “shoe boxes” I’ve had for years. (Walmart still sells similar ones for a dollar or two a piece I think.) They could be propped against the edge of a bowl, or whatever you have on hand.

  2. The sprouted legumes I like are:
    garbanzo beans

    Beans such as kidney beans and pinto beans are *ok*. The lentils are delicious stir-fried till just done, and served with brown rice and a little soy sauce. The peas I like steamed, and served with butter.

    With the lentils and peas, if you let the sprouts grow too long, they do not taste good. 🙂

    I would love to sprout, in fact I have a lid and the seeds, but it’s too cold right now, because we keep the house very cool at night and while we are away.

  3. Thanks for the resource information! Based on those photos, I may try improvising my own lids with a canning ring and a piece of steel mesh/screen.

    Meredith from Like Merchant Ships

  4. R: Sproutng books suggestions: Honestly, I’d just suggest using the sproutpeople.com website. Even if you don’t order from them, they have GREAT info on the various methouds, etc, and reading it is FREE–just click around the site! You can find information on every type of sprout, etc. They do have books on sprouting, but I don’t own any, because I’m cheep. 😉 I spent a long time on the site just learning. (Sorry I don’t know much about specific books on it.)

  5. I just posted a link to an article about sprouts.

    2 people directed me to your blog.

    How about that… first the cookies… now sprouts. I’m becoming a little dell. 😉 Just kidding.

    I’ll let you know how the sprouts turn out. But give me a week or two… this next week is very FULL OF LIFE!!

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