Molten chocolate temptation

The smell of molten chocolate fills the room.  (I just took a pan of extra fudgy brownies out of the oven. These things are decadent.)  My friend Ruby has been asking us to bring these to church for potluck Sunday, so I can't dig in to them. Oh, the temptation! 


Most of the day has been lazy and quiet.  We did have a brief scurry this morning, rushing the girls to a nearly forgotten piano “Master's Class”.  Eager to play for the judge, they are usually the first volunteers.  I hope they retain this enthusiasm and confidence.  It is such fun to watch them trot up to the piano with eyes a-sparkle!


6 thoughts on “Molten chocolate temptation

  1. Thanks for praying for Candace tomorrow. I’ve sent word to her family and will post it on the prayer calendar as well to them know.

    I will also be doing this for Emily who is scheduled for her first surgery on Tuesday. May the Lord heal these precious girls and give strength to their parents during this dificult time!

    In Him,

  2. That sounds so delicious. You just had to brag about you sweet smelling house. LOL You are always cooking up something delicious.

  3. you have a beautiful family. i have a question about your picture at the top. how did you size it to fit across the screen like that? i changed my picture on my blog at the top to one my kids but couldn’t figure out how to make it stretch across. can you help me with that? thanks.

  4. Could you please let me know how many people are praying for Candace (as it asks on the prayer calendar). If you would like to sign in yourself there, let me know so I don’t double it up.

    Thanks so much again!

  5. Just stopping by to let you know there’s been an update on my blog to pray about and that I’m extending the prayer times into the evening.

    Thanks again for praying!

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