A Child’s View

Kendra gets some interesting notions into her heads. That’s not a typo. Until yesterday, she thought she had two of them.

The other day the girls had been playing in the snow for quite a while without stopping. Kaira came in and said her head hurt a little. Giving both girls water (I suspect they were just getting a little dehydrated), Kendra said, “One of my heads hurts too.” I thought it odd, but was, at that moment distracted by a smaller child, as happens quite often around here.

Kaira chuckled and asked, “How many heads do you have, Kendra?”

Matter of fact, Kendra replied, “Two.” Putting her hand to her forehead, she continued, “It is this head that hurts.” Kaira inquired where her other head was, and Kendra pointed to the back of her head saying, “There is my forehead and my back head.”

I was still “busy” with something else and was being quite careful to keep my back turned–;  even so, it is a wonder that the girls didn’’t notice my shoulders shaking with laughter. Ever so naturally, Kaira explained that all the parts of the head make just one head, and both girls laughed a bit. Kendra later expressed her amazement, “I thought I had two heads, but Kaira explained to me that everyone has just one!”

Kaira’’s had some odd notions herself. She was an articulate and precocious toddler, and as her 2nd birthday approached I’d explained that she’d have a party and would be two! I’d told her before that she was one, and I expected that she’d be quite excited about her upcoming birthday. Quite the contrary, she seem to find it distressing! After going around and around trying to find out why she was so upset about a birthday, she finally said. “One Kaira.! Kaira no be two Kairas.” I’d been taking a verbal shortcut and instead of saying she would be “two YEARS OLD”, I’d said she’d be two! Poor child thought she’d reproduce like an amoeba!

On the topic of turning two, Keianna has some interesting ideas. A few days ago when running errands with her daddy she was complimented by one of the bank tellers. “How old are you?” the woman gushed. “Are you two?” Getting no answer she continued, “Are you one? Three?” Seeing that he’’d have to respond for Keianna, who, –in the fickle manner of toddlers, –had deemed herself too lofty to respond to this person, Ken answered that Keianna was two. Later in the car he tried to fill Keianna in so she can answer for herself. “‘Anna, you are TWO years old.”

No longer mute, Keianna replied, “Four.”

Ken continued, showing fingers, see you are one-two! Two. You are two years old. How old are you?”

‘Anna, more forcefully this time declared, “Four!”

They continued this for quite a while, I’’m told.  Each time with a mischievous smirk, Keianna would toss her little blonde head and insist that she’’s four.


4 thoughts on “A Child’s View

  1. That is so cute about Kendra’s two heads. Your children are absolutely, deliciously lovely.
    Speaking of delicious, I made your Sour Crean ‘n Honey Muffins for a special dinner tonight since dh wasn’t going to make it home for dinner. They were a hit! I can’t wait until summer when the blueberries ripen so I can try them with fresh blueberries too. Thank you!
    I posted the Butter Tart Muffin recipe in Cookin Keepers on HK for you.

  2. I hope you keep posting about the funny things they say and do.

    I’m glad that you like my couch! That was the only new piece of furniture that my husband and I bought when we were married. Our first house had dark green carpet and I thought that the couch could be the focal point instead. I’ve always liked it too and hope that it lasts a long time. It’s still in good condition after 12 years.

    The next time you visit the Denver area, you are welcome to come sit on it!

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