Culinary and literary Q&A

Q&A from comments on Saturday’s post:

Cathe (creativehsmom) asked if I grow my own herbs, I do grow some, and am partial to  growing lavender.  It works well here in the summer months, and our climate is harsh so there aren’t a lot of things that grow well.  The picture I posted of the lavender is a stock photo because I was too lazy to take a picture of my own little bundles.  I do have a few tied with pretty hanging in my kitchen though.  (Although mine are smaller than those pictured.)

Susan asked about the Herbs de Provence, and what I use it in.  It makes delicious poultry seasoning and is fantastic on fish.  I just rub or sprinkle it on fish or foul, then roast or grill or whatever!  It is good in many kids of soup.  (I use it in Han & Bean soup among others.) Cheese sauces, and cheese fondue are good matches for it as well.

I’d mentioned I was reading over First Language Lessons for the Well Trained Mind by Jessie Wise.  FourJewels asked how I like it.  While I’ve only read over it and not put it into use yet, but I think it will be a good fit!  Kaira and Kendra can learn together, making for three-way conversations.  Their youthful spontaneity will keep it from feeling too scripted. (Knowing me I’ll only use it as a rough guide anyway, and springboard off of it.)  I do think it will give a nice frame for us to work with though, and I’m quite impressed with the approach for little ones.  I’m sure that like FourJewels does, we’ll skip quite a bit that we’ve already covered, and we’ll put our own spin on it, as it seems to assume that the children are pre-readers, etc.  Overall though, it looks like a great resource!  Good to know you’ve used this, Amy Kate (Four Jewels)!  I’ll bug you if I run into anything I want to know about it!

And my children quite enjoyed McDonalds–food and all! It has a certain novelty factor for them, I guess.  They came in bubbling all about the other children they encountered in the play area.  As for me, I had a nice evening with my boy, and enjoyed NOT going to McDonalds.  (But it was fun to hear my girls recount their “adventures” when they returned home!)

Tina requested the muffin recipe and I’ll post it in a bit.

By the way, thank you to everyone who leaves comments!  It is always such fun to read other people’s thoughts.  Ken is absolutely astounded that people actually READ my blog!  You’d think that of all people he’d recognize that I’m fascinating and brilliant!  (Ok, well, maybe the reason he’s so amazed is he knows just how dull I really am!  *laugh*)  Anyway, my sweet husband just shakes his head and says, “Wow.  It is amazing what people will read!”  (And yet, ya know what?  HE reads it!  HA!)


4 thoughts on “Culinary and literary Q&A

  1. Well you can tell your dh you have a devoted fan – I read just about every day! LOL Love your blog, it feels so “homey”.

  2. Kevin reads my blog every day! 🙂 If I have skipped a day or too, he says, “So, when are you going to update your blog?”

  3. I wonder what he would think if he knew you had faithful readers? Your own little fan club who hang on every word you say and treasure every recipe!

    Get yourself a stat counter, it will blow his mind how many people just visit but don’t leave comments!

    Abiding in the Vine!

  4. I’m thinking about starting a blog, and my husband says the same things about reading other people’s lives. But you do have devoted readers, I linked you through jamiemomofmany, and my sister is reading because of me. We just think it’s something to do on the internet that doesn’t cost money, or get you into trouble!!
    Love your recipes, I have so many questions that I’ll get to some other time!!

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