Herbs DeProvence

Ken is off this weekend, and it has been a splendid day! He woke up with a bug to play in the kitchen, so we did some “bonus” baking which included a double batch of the Honey Chocolate Chip Cookies and a triple batch of sourcream muffins (The muffins freeze well and we enjoy them for Sunday breakfasts–alternating with Breakfast Burritos and the Craisin Almond Cinnamon Bread). 


With Ken and the girls helping, I’ve filled the freezer with yummy and healthful treats! We even adapted the muffins and replaced the refined sugar with honey! Yum! 


I also mixed up some more of my own Herbs De Province blend. I'd given some to everyone at church as part of their Christmas baskets, and our organist says her daughter's family enjoyed it so much they wanted the recipe to make her own.  Of course I'm happy to share my recipe, but some of the ingredients are hard to find in our stores. Today I made up another large batch so she'll be set for a while while she tracks down (or grows) things like the lavender blossoms.  I'll post the recipe at the end of this entry as well.  It is lovely, delicate and adds French flair to soups, poultry, fish or cheese dishes.  I added a bit to our cheese fondue last night and it was delicious.


This evening Ken is giving the girls a special treat! Once or twice a year we brave the junk food and the playland germs and take them to McDonalds. Because few of our days provide fair weather for going to a park, they eagerly anticipate these semi-annual excersions to the indoor playland! I’m staying home to give Keegan a little one-on-one time.  He needs a bit of extra training.  (That baggie drawer is just TOO enticing to him.)  Keegan and I will read his Big Truck book, and just generally enjoy a quiet(er) house. 


I'll finish the laundry this evening as well, and hope to read First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind–a book on teaching Grammar by Jessie Wise.

Herbs De Provence Mix

2 tablespoon dried basil
2 tablespoon marjoram
2 tablespoon summer savory
 2 tablespoon thyme
 1 tablespoon zest
 2 crushed bay leaves
 2 teaspoons lavender
 1 teaspoon fennel



6 thoughts on “Herbs DeProvence

  1. Did you harvest this herbs yourself? They are so neatly bound!
    I really value the healthful properties of herbs.
    Cathy :o)

  2. okay, okay, I’ll be the first to ask. Will you please post the sour cream muffin recipe when you get a chance? I’ve tried several of the recipes you posted on Hearthkeepers and have enjoyed them (I am hummingbird on HK).

    In return, I’ll send you my Butter Tart muffin recipe if you want. I have already converted it from sugar to honey.

  3. Dell, what do you use the Herbs De Provence for? I’m not that much into herbs and things like that yet, so I’ve never heard of it!

    Susan from WATW

  4. You might have read about our excursion into a McDonalds with our girls last Thanksgiving. We weren’t in need of dinner, but were trying to unwind after a stressful day of driving in winter weather. Our plan was to get them a fry and an ice cream to share. Dan and I were kind of excited as it hearkened back to our youth. Our girls wouldn’t touch the playland – seemed to have no idea what to do in there and thought it was gross. Dan took a bite of ice cream and had to throw it out. Two girls started gagging from the smell (fried fish I think) and Sarah lost it on the way out the door. So much for fun!!! Maybe it was just that McDs??? I don’t notice that smell near the one in our town.

    How did you like FLL? Anything scripted drives me crazy, but I found it lays a good foundation for future grammar work. I use the whole book during first grade and skip things that my girls already know (phone number, writing letters, etc…).

  5. I have been buying this herb mixture at a local market that went out of business. I was wondering how I would be able to find it again. Thanks for the recipe! Cindy Downes

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