Winter’s Day Ramblings

Watching closely as I braided Kendra’s hair, Kaira asked me to teach her to braid. I showed her what I was doing, and promised that soon I’d demonstrate more clearly with three different colored cords. The girls went off to play and soon she told me she’’d braided her dolls hair. Expecting to see a childish combination of twisting and knotting, I went to look. Her doll’s hair was, in fact, neatly braided!

For my “nooks and crannies” project today I did the lower kitchen cabinets, thus finishing the deep cleaning/organizing in the kitchen! Stay tuned for next weeks “nooks and crannies” project. I’ve not decided what area to attack next so it will be a surprise for me too!

Tonight will FINALLY be our fondue meal! This meal has been postponed many times for many reasons, but tonight is the night! I’’ve been busy grating chocolate and cheese and will soon start slicing and dicing. Yummy! We do a cheese fondue for the main course and chocolate for desert. (Hot oil fondue isn’’t as practical with little ones dipping.)  Wyoming is not the place for specialized cuisine.  I usually use Gruyere cheese in the fondue, but was unable to find it anywhere in town.  Ah well, Swiss will suffice.

Inside, with my steamy cup of tea, the snow looks lovely! Yet with the thermometer reading five below, I’m happy to stay on this side of the window.


One thought on “Winter’s Day Ramblings

  1. …a wonderful and productive day.
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. You are entered into the drawing for The Thinking Toolbox.

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