Dead or Fired?

Conversation between my eldest two daughters en route to piano lessons today:


Kendra askes, “Kaira, would you rather be dead or fired?”

Kaira: “Dead I guess.”

Kendra, “Yeah. Dead is better. Fired would be fine after you got dead, but it wouldn’t be fun ‘till you got all the way dead and went to heaven.”


After a bit more conversation it was apparent that both children think “fired” means burned by flames!


4 thoughts on “Dead or Fired?

  1. It reminds me of Little House on the Prairie with the girls climbing up in the field!
    It is fun to listen when children comment on things like that! I bet it put a smile on your face. I’ve seen you comment on some of the blogs I’ve been visiting lately so I thought I’d stop by and say hello. :o)

    Have a fun-filled day!

  2. Hi Dell, thanks for stopping over. I thought I’d pop over and answer your question. They make little camera’s that fit right into the tube that houses the eyepiece. And about portfolios’s if you like to scrapbook, keeping a portfolio is kind of like that. I’ve added you to my friend’s list so that I don’t have to keep looking for your past comment to come back and visit you. Btw-my cold/flu or whatever it is, is getting a little better. It sure makes for a lot of blogging time! LOL
    Have a blessed evening,
    Cathy :o)

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