Timing is everything

Listening to her Suzuki CD as she falls asleep might not be a good idea.

My children rarely wake or call for us at night. Night is for sleeping.  So, I was surprised to hear Kaira’s voice over the baby-monitor at 4 am. “Shall I go practice piano?”

I’’d been soundly asleep myself, so after waiting a moment I went in to make sure I’d heard right. (They are supposed to only ask once, then wait a while, so I wanted to be fair, just in case she’d had a real need and was waiting in the dark.  It wasn’t  logical that she really asked to practice piano.  Yes, perhaps I’d heard wrong and she needed to go potty.)

She was awake, but when I asked if she needed anything, she sheepishly declined. My guess is that she asked in her sleep, but then woke herself up and realized what she’d said.  This morning she confirmed that she had indeed been confused and asked to practice piano.  Odd child.

Last night at bedtime I’d put on the Suzuki CD in the girls’ room–something I do quite often. It has their full piano repertoire played on it and is great for ear training. I’m thinking she was dreaming about piano practice.

“Shall I practice piano?” A phrase a parent is happy to hear.  Just not at 4 am.


7 thoughts on “Timing is everything

  1. Of course. 🙂

    Holly loves to practice too, especially piano now that she’s adding chords. I’ve never had one ask in the middle of the night, but I’m frequently awakened by Sarah’s piano assignment. She’s always eager to start her day and would surely do it at 4 am if I let her!!!

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