'Anna before Church

Keianna saw the camera and kept asking, “Picture?  Picture!  Picture 'Anna!”

So, here she is!


3 thoughts on “'Anna before Church

  1. You have an absolutely beautiful family!!!
    About Five in a Row: I had heard moms of young ones rave about FIAR for years, I had looked at it a few times and was like “eh” and never used it. I finally decided to give it a try with my little guys this year and it was rocky at first, but now I love it. We use tons of great books in our homeschool and this curriculum just fit right in. If you have any ?’s feel free to ask me on my blog or check out the message boards at http://www.fiveinarow.com Another thing that I love about FIAR, besides the great books and discussions they lead to with my 5 and 6 yr. olds, is that is teaching them geography, easily! For each story you place a “story disk” where it takes place. My little guys can find England, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Italy and Jamaica just to name a few! More than I knew in high school anyway! 🙂
    I wish I had started earlier and used Before Five in a Row, which you might like for your little ones.

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