Decorations, Reading, and Market-ing

The children woke to find our home “Valentined!” To their delight I’d gotten up before them and put up the Valentines Day decorations. February has begun!


After school today I printed out a few online reading level assessment tests. I think the scores may be a bit inflated, but the children had fun with it none the less. First we took this one, which will open in Adobe Acrobat.  Then, for comparison we also did the top test from this page.  (Scroll down on the second link to get to the test.)  Kaira did well on both, but the disparity between her two scores was pretty dramatic–nearly a full year. Kendra's scores on both tests matched closely–only a month difference.  Accurate?  I doubt it, but tests are fun!  Our school year matches the calendar year, so I may have them take the same tests again in December, just for kicks. 


Today is our errand day, so after I clean up lunch we’ll be heading to piano lesson, then to market we shall go!


To Market, to market,

To buy a fat pig,

Home again, home again,



To market, to market,

To buy a fat hog,

Home again, home again,



(Or as Keianna says, “Home-‘gain, Home ‘gain, Jig Jog.”)


One thought on “Decorations, Reading, and Market-ing

  1. I really get blessed reading your blogs. You give great ideas!! I think I will follow suit with your idea about February. Thanks for sharing.

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