Linking Updated Blogs Part II

I'd done a previous post answering how to do the link to my homeschool blogger friends latest posts.  I didn't go into much detail, but gave the simple version of the link, saying,

“Here's the code:  Just replace the part that says “yourusername” with your username (IE, mine has “Dell” in there).  Format it to act as a link, and stick it in your template.” 

Sagerats asks:

“Could you give me a little more details on how to do the friends' link? I copied and pasted it under my friends title, added my username, and now I'm stuck. I have no idea how to format it to make it show up on my list or how to even make it say Friends' Newest Posts or anything! Help me! “

Since I'm an HTML novice, I have to “cheat”  I look at the code in the rest of my blog and mimic it to get the adaptations I want. 


The code on my “links” and “categories” showed me what linking code should look like. (Take out the spaces in the < a href =” and the < / a > < b r > parts.  I have spaces here becasue otherwise when I paste it in my blog it will try to act as code.  Look at one of the link codes already in your template to make your Friend's code match it.  


This is the code from one of my other “links” or “categories:” 

• < a href = ” Prairiefrogs'>”>Prairiefrogs Daily < / a > < b r >


I used the •  at beginning just for design purposes.  If you look at my sidebar all the things under the main title have that.  I get neurotic if everything doesn't match, so that made my new link fit in with the rest of my template format.  The  <  tells the code that a command is starting.  I'm not sure what a href really means, but I think of it as “a horizontal reference”.   The part within the quote marks is the hyperlink.  Below this paragraph you'll see how I modified the category/linking code for my “new” link–the “Friend's Latest Posts”.  Within my hyperlink, you see my name, “Dell” replace this with YOUR blog username.  (Unless you like my friends better than your own, lol!  Wouldn't blame you, my friends are cool.) The part after the ending quote between the > and the < is the text you want to appear on your blog.  Whenever you see backslash it is telling it to end what was previously commanded so the / a says that the horizontal reference is done.  < b r > is a hard return. 


So here's what it looks like (without the spaces) for my “Friends' Latest Posts”


• < a href =” Friends'”>”>Friends&#039; Latest Posts < / a > < b r >


Yours doesn't have to say “Friend' Latest Posts”  After the hyperlink you can label it whatever you want.  I put mine under my friends' sidetitle. (You can find this searching down through your blog code.)  You can put yours anywhere on the template that you choose though!  Three cheers for mominpa who figured it out from my earlier post and put it under links.  If you look under “Links” in her sidebar, you'll see she called it, “Friends Update” 


2 thoughts on “Linking Updated Blogs Part II

  1. Whewdy Dudey! As Boy 2 is fond of saying when he’s excited! I did it! Thank you, thank you!

    Looking at the rest of the html code to add something to my sidebar is what I do too, but for this one I was missing two vital pieces of code to make it work! I just couldn’t figure it out.

    Abiding in the Vine!

  2. Yay! Glad it helped, Sagerats! I probably could have made it clearer if *I* better knew what I was doing, lol! 😀

    Your link looks good!

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