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Mominpa inquired about how to get HSB Friend’s updates on a blog sidebar.  (If you look at my Friend’s List, the top one says, “Friends’ Latest Posts“.  Clicking on it shows me the most recent blog entries from people on my HSB Friend’s list.

Here’s the code:   http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/yourusername/friends  Just replace the part that says “yourusername” with your username (IE, mine has “Dell” in there).  Format it to act as a link, and stick it in your template.  Handy little gizmo!

And Mominpa also asked about the Bibles my children were studying intently when I photographed their hair yesterday.  At present we are using are the Word and Song Bible by Stephen Elkins.  (They are the ones in yesterday’s pictures.) They come with CDs, on which the stories are dramatized and many of the stories end with a song.  Usually we alternate between Egermeier’s Bible Story Book and Catherine Vos’ Children’s Story Bible, so this is rather different for us, but it has been a fun detour from our regular fare, and the children enjoy it!  (A special ‘thank you’ to my sister who gave these Bibles/cd’s to us last year!)


6 thoughts on “Q&A SchoolBibles & BlogFriends

  1. Those Word and Song Bibles look great. I wanted to buy them, but it looks like you have to buy the Bible and the CD’s separately. The total is about $50 for one Bible and one set of CDs which seems pricey.I will look around, maybe I can find them cheaper.

  2. The one my sister got for me had the Bible and CD’s all packaged together, but I didn’t see them sold that way at CBD. They might have been cheeper that way.

    I purchased a couple extra Bibles (one at a 2nd hand store, and one on ebay, I think) so all my students can follow along

  3. that link will really make my computer time much faster and MUCH easier!!

    Thanks for the Bible links too! I will look into those…

  4. Could you give me a little more details on how to do the friends’ link? I copied and pasted it under my friends title, added my username, and now I’m stuck. I have no idea how to format it to make it show up on my list or how to even make it say Friends’ Newest Posts or anything! Help me!

    Abiding in the Vine!

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