Nooks and Crannies

Friday has been my cleaning day for many years, but I’ve recently decided to add a new feature called “Nooks and Crannies” to my Friday tasks.

I don’t function well with clutter, so my house is usually fairly neat and orderly to the eye, but the “nooks and crannies” get away from me. Drawers, cupboards, file cabinets, even the closets become jumbled messes. Far too often, the illusion of order is only surface deep.  Life can be like that.

Beginning today, cleaning day each week will include a special “Nooks and Crannies” project. This week’s really SHOULD be the pantry, but I’m feeling like a slug, and reorganizing my overstocked pantry sounds too hard. So I’ll start small–with the tupperware cupboard. The stuff in that cupboard isn’t really Tupperware, but mostly Rubbermaid, mixed up with some cottage cheese containers and other such stuff. I call it a tupperware cupboard because my mother’s cupboard like it was called the tupperware cupboard. Generations from now one of my great-grands will have a cupboard filled with some kind of high-tech containers, and will call it a tupperware cupboard, without even knowing what Tupperware is.

Organizing my tupperware cupboard is really an attempt to restore order and simplicty to one small area of the universe.  While I’m matching lids to containers, I’ll be reflecting on a one liner from Heidi’s new blog over at homestead blogger. In her blog, Striving for Simplicity, Heidi asserts, “There is an apparent contradiction in striving and simplicity…” An interesting thought to ponder.

Time to teach school, and then, watch out, cuboard, here I come!


2 thoughts on “Nooks and Crannies

  1. I happened upon your blog today. So glad I did. I’ll be adding you to my friends so I can check back often 🙂
    Praising Him,

  2. The Avalanche cabinet. My boys decided on this name because everytime you open the door, stuff falls everywhere and they have fun yelling “avalanche”. Maybe I’ll tackle mine this week…

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