Pictoral Tutorial: Rope Braids

Several commentators responded asking for me to take step-by-step pictures showing how to do the rope braids.  I’m not sure whether they asked because they really wanted to learn, or because it sounded fun to have me try fix my daughters’ hair while holding a camera.  Regardless, whether it be for the education of my loyal blog readers, or merely for their amusement, here goes: Hair Braiding and Camera Juggling:

Refer to the strip of snapshots below these instructions to go along with each step.

Snapshot 1:

Part the hair for one of the ropes into two equal sections.

(You can ‘ponytail’ them first if you wish.  The ponytails work best for fine or thin hair–like my Kendra’s. I tried doing ponytails first with Kaira’s hair, but the thick twists stuck out a-la Pipi Longstockings!)

Twist each section individually, making sure to twist both the same way.  Here I’ve twisted both toward the back of the child’s head.  You don’t need to twist it all the way down.  Just get a good start, then you can twist as you go later.

Snapshot 2:

Now twist both the sections into one rope.  The secret trick is to twist them together in the opposite direction that you did the individual twists (or the whole thing will just unwind at the end).

Since I’d twisted the individual sections toward the back of the head, I’ll twist them together by bringing the back section forward and over.

Snapshot 3:

Just keep twisting!

Snapshot 4:

At the end, secure with a hair band, and then smooth out the part with a comb to make it less harsh.

Here are photos with my Kaira.

And “ponytailed” first on my Kendra:

Happy twisting!  Just keep in mind the “secret” is that when twisting the two parts together they must be twisted the opposite way from how you twisted the two individual sections.

I didn’t even drop my camera!


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