Do the Twist


While in South Dakota my cousin Carrie taught me a fun (and easy!) alternative to braids.  We've been having fun with these twists or ropes. (These photos were taken during our morning Bible time today.  I know, I know… shame on me for taking pictures during BIBLE!)




And I realized I'd neglected to mention how much fun I had with my friends C. and T. who visited over the past weekend!  We stayed up late (well, late for ME–it really wasn't much past midnight) and had a blast discussing times-gone-by.   Ken even watched the wee-folk while we went out to dinner one evening. My friends remember WAY too many embarrassing stories about me, but we laughed until our sides ached.   (And yes, most of the embarrassing stories featured me. Sigh, I was an awkward girl indeed, but it is good for laughs!) Oh, and if anyone is keeping track, C. remembered the science table incident better than I did.  As she tells it, I tipped it over on top of a kid named Greg, not on Bobby T. 


9 thoughts on “Do the Twist

  1. It makes me wish I had long hair again. Maybe soon. I am letting my hair grow again. They are really cute girls with a really cool hair doo.

  2. I can’t wait til my dd’s hair gets long enough to do that to. Then again, it might be a while, seeing as she’s only a year old! LOL

  3. impressed, but don’t need directions 🙂

    However, I love how intently the girls are following along…what Bibles do they use?

    Oh and I LOVE the family picture posted at the end of your comments…it is GREAT!!!

  4. quick question…how did you get the update Friends list (under your friends column)? How did you get that? That would make my blogging life SO much easier!!

  5. I am so happy, I have tryed to do this before and never had any luck. I tryed the pony tail one first. I am going o take a picture and I am HOPING to post that picture, with a link to your directions.
    Thank You so very much for your time.

  6. I tryed again today. The great news is that the picture is UP and RUNNING. You can see what I did. Again thank you so much for your time.

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