Verbal Vignettes

Q&A from Sagerats’ Blog Poll:

More like a questionnaire than a poll, but some interesting questions!  Here are my responses:

1.  Why did you start a blog? Many reasons!  I enjoy writing “slice of life” type snippets, and assume everyone wants to read what I have to say!  (Laughing hard here).

Seriously, I DO like the fact that the blogging medium isn’t a vacuum.  I’ve never liked ‘secret journals’.  It seems that in most instances, if it isn’t something I’d want others reading, my mind should be dwelling on it, and I shouldn’t be writing it in the first place.

A blog is like an open letter with updates to family and friends. It is a convenient and fun way to share daily joys with those who are interested–be it the grandparents, or other homeschoolers.

It lets me play “journalist,” but I get to play it MY way.   As a teen I hoped to one day have a syndicated newspaper column, writing whatever suited my fancy–primarily commentary on slices of ordinary, everyday life,  giving it perspective that helps us see how extraordinary the ‘ordinary’ really is.

Most of all, it is fun to have verbal snapshots that focus in on moments in our day–Moments which might otherwise be lost in the fast flowing current of life.  When singled out and given the spotlight, these moments become verbal vignettes.

2.  What did/do you hope to accomplish with your blogging? No major motive of enlightening the masses or anything.  Just sharing glimpses into our lives and occasional glimpses into my hazy brain.

3.  Have you found that you don’t post as much as you did when you started? Nope, I’m pretty consistent.

4.  If yes, why not? N/A

5.  How important are comments to you? I enjoy them! Ok, I confess, I check for comments, and like to at least get one comment per entry.  (Yep, you people have a comment quota to fill on this blog!  Get goin!)

6.  Do you ever find yourself wishing people would not always leave comments that agree with you? Hadn’t thought about it one way or another!  I’d like readers share whatever comment comes to mind (within, certain bounds of tactfulness, of course).  Variety of perspectives keeps life interesting, so I hope readers would feel free to disagree with me.

7.  Do you comment on other people’s blogs a lot, sometimes, or very little? Quite frequently

8.  What determines why you don’t post a comment on someone else’s blog? Well, if I don’t have anything much to say, I don’t say anything, lol!

9.  What determines why you do post a comment on someone else’s blog? If I DO have something to say, I say it.  Usually if I found the post interesting, or something comes to mind I post a comment.

10.  Do you have more than one blog?  Where? No.  One is all I have an interest in.  More than that sounds schizophrenic.

11.  Do you read random blogs either off of random blogger or friends lists? Sometimes.  I’ll often  hop to a blog that is a “friend of a friend”.  I do wish that links on the friends lists could have the blogs that haven’t been updated in a month or more be linked in a different color, or have an icon to distinguish them from the “active” blogs.   (Or maybe the “active” blogs could have the distinguishing icon.)


2 thoughts on “Verbal Vignettes

  1. “It seems that in most instances, if it isn’t something I’d want others reading, my mind should be dwelling on it, and I shouldn’t be writing it in the first place.”

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Sadly, there are times my fingers fly and I hit submit and then I race to delete what I have written. I wish my mouth had a delete button!

    In His abiding love,

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and introducing yourself!
    You mentioned wanting a way to mark active blogs – have you looked into You can compile a list of blogs that you like to read or watch and add them to your blog by inserting one simple bit of script. Then you can change the settings on the blogrolling site to mark blogs that have been updated recently (you even get to define “recently”: 6 hours, 24 hours, etc). The free service is very flexible, and you can pay extra to upgrade to the premium service for even more features.

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