Happy bread, Happy grapes

Keianna has happy food!  Barely two years old, she hasn't 'fined tuned' her pronunciations yet.  “Please” comes out “Pea” sometimes with a faint 's' sound on the end.  Thus “Peas Please” sounds very much like she's just saying the same word twice. 


For a few weeks now she's been  saying “happy” for everything.  Now we've figured out that she's simply saying the “please” we require from her, but that it is being placed, in unique toddler syntax, after the “have”.  She's trying to say, “May I please Have”.  The fact that her “have” is trunkated to “Haa” further complicates the matter.  “HavePlease”; “Haapea”, or “happy!


Our meals are full of “happy” requests now!


Happy grapes, happy bread, happy more water!


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