Antique Keys



Needing some variety on our walls to intersperse with the framed pictures, I decided to  hang antique keys from pretty ribbons.  (It was fun collecting the keys, as there are so many interesting shapes and styles!)  After I began my little collection, it occurred to me that they could be more than wall decor–they could be the beginnings of a family tradition!  As the children grow and a weddings approach, I will let each child, if not on the eve of their wedding, then sometime close, select a key to present to his or her spouse. 


At present, however, I'm in no hurry for the keys to go their separate ways.  I'm quite content  to enjoy them where they are! 


4 thoughts on “Antique Keys

  1. When I saw the picture loading, I though, “Oh, how cute!” I sometimes see antique keys at garage sales, if you ever want me to look for any for you, let me know. You know what the garage sale shopper I am. 🙂 You’ll have to give me yoru 2006 shopping list soon! LOL!

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