Science Experiments

Today’s highlights:

We looked at each family member’s hair under the microscope. Kaira’’s individual hairs surprised us, as they are actually thinner than Kendra’’s. She just has so much of it that the sum total of her hair is THICK. A thick head full of very fine strands.


After calling for reinforcements, Ken won the “plumbing war” in which he was engaged yesterday. He not only installed the reverse osmosis system, but also restored the kitchen sink and dishwasher which were early casualties of the war.

Today his water testing kit came, and was a nice additional science experiment. The water from the R.O system had 1/3 less dissolved solids than the water from the carbon filter we previously used. Ken expects the ratio will be even better in a week or so as the R.O .gets more of the stuff out. Since his Master’s thesis was titled, Characterization of Backwash During the Removal of Trapped Sediment in Water Treatment Plant Filters, I’’ll take his word for it.

We hung the world map, a lovely modern map in antique tones from National Geographic, above the mantle in the Study, and got the playroom and Keegan’’s room rearranged.

Ken made up another batch of beef jerky, and we did a trial batch of brownies replacing the sugar with honey. I’m eager to try them after they’’ve “set up”.


2 thoughts on “Science Experiments

  1. glad the reverse osmosis thing is working/installed!

    the hair thing sounds neat. I wish I had a cool microscope like on those forensic shows. One that projected on a scfreen and was crystal clear and had lines for measurement and all that neat stuff!

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