A Bible for Kendra and Other News

Yesterday we watched Kristy's car pull out of the drive as she moved on to her next “Hearth Keepers University” adventure. She will be missed–indeed we miss her already–but we are excited for her as she takes this opportunity to learn additional homemaking skills.


It was also a milestone day for Kendra.  We went to the Christian Bookstore for her to select her first “Big Girl Bible” in celebration of her newly acquired reading skills. Three cheers for Kendra the Reader! 


Mild weather afforded the children a much needed romp outdoors.  Sunny and wind-free days in winter are such a treat!


Today we are looking forward to church fellowship, I'll plan school for the upcoming week, and Ken will fight plumbing wars.


3 thoughts on “A Bible for Kendra and Other News

  1. Dell, thanks for posting on my blog. Come back often! I’ve actually gotten an email from a QF person who was upset by my bio line. Glad you can appreciate my humor!

  2. I miss you all, too! It was truly such a blessing to stay with you for a time.:)

    Yay for Kendra! I bet she was so excited to get her very own Bible!:)

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