Pop Goes the Jam Jar

As I  type I’’m listening to the “pop” of canning lids as they cool and seal! I’d thrown some fruit in the freezer this past fall, waiting until a “better time” to make it all up into jam. Today Kristy and I made Lemon Pear and Spiced Apricot Peach. MMMM! We will enjoy some as either a tea time or bed time snack!

Ken (Our PrairieFrog Principal) had suggested we take a couple days off school to focus on Hearth Keepers University. There were still several things Kristy still wanted to learn as part of her apprenticeship here, yet time was getting short! As per his suggestion, we canceled school the past two days. Yesterday we made use of two turkey frames and made up bunches of yummy soup, and today, as you already know was jam day.

This afternoon while Kristy runs errands, I’ll be just kicking back with my small folk. Kendra is eager to read her new Dick and Jane book to me, and Kaira wants to work more on more potholders with her loom.

Tonight we have a special going away dinner planned for Kristy. I’’m sure it will be bittersweet, as we are excited for her to continue her Hearth Keepers University Studies, but she will be greatly missed here!


One thought on “Pop Goes the Jam Jar

  1. Would you mind sharing your recipies for the jams? The Spiced Apricot Peach really sounds yummy. I like mixing different fruits and flavors but have learned that you have to have the correct amounts for it to have the right consistency.

    This past summer we experimented and mixed the following:

    Blueberry and blackberry
    Blackberry and strawberry
    Blackberry and peach (our favorite!)
    Peach and strawberry
    Blackberry, strawberry and blueberry

    We also made plain:


    thanks, I think I’ll go make a PBJ sandwich(-:

    Suzie (shishi at HK)

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