Birthday Boy!

Keegan thoroughly enjoyed his birthday! 


Kristy pitched in and helped immensely, as I wasn't feeling well at all as the day progressed.  She baked the cake and helped with other details.  Thanks, Kristy!


His gifts were a few toy trucks, a boy doll to prevent him kidnaping his sister's pink frilly dolls when he wants to play “Daddy”, and a book about trucks! 


While he didn't really EAT more than a small taste of his cake, he enjoyed it thoroughly as a tactile experience.








8 thoughts on “Birthday Boy!

  1. Happy Birthday Keegie!!!!!!!!!!My you have grown!!!!!!

    (pst Dell, I didnt do the aplique on the tshirt dress…it came that way.) Wink

  2. Happy Birthday Keegan! When I asked you about his birthday yesterday I hadn’t read your blog yet…LOL!

    OK so is that cake supposed to look like a big donut or is it just the pic? Kristy?


  3. Dawn, you aren’t the first person to say that about the cake.;) Hey, I just baked the cake…ok, ok, I did choose the bundt cake pan.

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