Patty-cake-patty cake

Patty-cake-patty cake Baker’s Man. Bake me a cake as fast as you can.


I’m baking a cake today for my Keegan’s first birthday. He’s become recently stubborn about finger food, but I’m guessing cake might be an exception!


Usually the birthday honoree gets to choose the menu, but due to his youth and limited communication skills, we'll choose something on his behalf.  Because he’s been enjoying casseroles, a potato-ham crockpot shall be the main dish. Fortunately, I have my famous mashed potato casseroles already out in the freezer, so it will be an easy meal!


I had a couple of sick girlies this week, and right now I have a raging cold, AGAIN. It seems I’m especially attractive to the cold viruses this winter. Ah, well, this too shall pass, right?


Today promises to be a busy day! I’ve not yet wrapped my little man’s birthday gifts, and I have laundry to do and a cake to bake.  Oh, we have jumpers to sew too!  (Kristy and I are making jumpers so that I can teach her my gathered skirt pattern for a shoulder button jumper. ) 


A busy day might keep my mind of my congested head. 


3 thoughts on “Patty-cake-patty cake

  1. I remember when he was born, cause my little girl was born a little over a week later. What a good time for you all

  2. How do you prepare your mashed potatoes and keep them casserole like? Whenver I freeze anything myself it never tastes good the second time around and is watery. HELP!

    OH yes! And Happy Birthday to that adorable little fellow.


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