Parent Teacher Conference!

Yesterday was parent teacher conference day! That’s the day when the parent (me) sits down with the teacher (uh… that would be… um… me) and has a discussion about what we’ve been doing, how it is going, and what is upcoming in the next few weeks and months.


For some reason the past several months I’ve not been taking my hour or so a week to really prepare and orient myself on our upcoming lessons. Because most weeks we are just doning the “next” thing in each subject, I can mostly wing it once I’ve plotted things out initially. Still, too much winging makes my wings sore, so it was time to plan! Certain aspects of our schedule needed to be shifted to accommodate the increasing number of subjects being added, but I kept not finding the time to puzzle it through. I also needed to get printouts and copies done up in advance rather than doing the “morning of” scramble. I’d always been on top of it before and done a week in advance, but for some reason got off track and needed to get back ON!


2 thoughts on “Parent Teacher Conference!

  1. That is what I did last night…sat down and made a few changes to how “I” was doing things. Also went through the 4 “goal” charts that I have on skills to be accomplished to see where “we” are and where we want to be by June. As I think we will be officially starting our “new” K-1 Year in June-July to take August and September off (new baby).

    I’m really focusing more on my very soon to be 5 year old. I really don’t know how the multi-level HS is going to work out, but I’ll just take it 1 day at a time.??

    The “planner” in me loves times like this, it’s just taking the time!

  2. Please take a moment to stop by my blog and read a prayer request for a woman whose blog I came across… she needs prayer.


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