Happy New Year

After coming home last night and getting things somewhat organized from our trip, Ken and I were just plain tired. We were quite soundly asleep as the clock approached the New Year. I was barely conscious of the sound of midnight-fireworks, but Ken was awakened enough by them to wish me “Happy New Year”, which I sleepily returned (or so he says–I don't even remember!) as I rolled back over.


I had planned to thaw the giant turkey from my freezer for a nice New Years meal, but having spent the week away from home I ended up not prepping a meal much at all–we had Spaghetti Alfredo, simple and easy!  Although we did little to mark the changing year, it was neat having the New Year start with Communion Sunday at church.


I'm off to plan lessons for the coming week, and plot out my new 'mentor' duties! Kristy, our guest of several months is beginning Hearth Keepers University, where she will learn various Hearth Keeping skills from ladies across the country. She will be my apprentice over the next two weeks. 


One thing that struck me when I was first asked to participate in this apprenticeship program is that it is quite humbling to have a young woman watching me to get tips on running a household. After further though I realized that I have three young women–my own little daughters–watching me daily, learning just that. Everything I do is models something to them.




2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. That sounds very interesting…I’ve never heard of that…but I’m sure I could learn a lot…I’m just learning as I go 🙂

  2. That’s how I learned/am learning too! Wouldn’t it have been GREAT to have gotten a jumpstart while still single, as Kristy is doing! I’m so excited for her at having this opportunity!

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