Home from South Dakota!

Our trip went well.  The time catching up with loved ones scattered across the country was all the more poignant in light of my uncle's funeral.  Our pollywogs were good travelers and did remarkably well with the constant going & driving.  They loved their cousins, great uncles, aunts, and other such relations, and had a grand time.


While they were good travelers, they aren't perfect.  Upon arriving home our two year old decided that she was now free from parental authority.  She was quickly disallusioned.  BwaaaHhaaaaHaaaa!


The main purpose of our trip was family, not sight seeing, but we did stop by Mt Rushmore.


Here's a picture of the girls and Ken at the Wyoming/South Dakota Border.  We stopped to “pet the state lion” as my dad says.  (Lion… line…oh, never mind, you'd have to know my dad.) 



And here we are at Rushmore



4 thoughts on “Home from South Dakota!

  1. Amazing! Mt. Rushmore still looks exactly the same as it did 18 years ago when we lived in Rapid City! 😉 Welcome home, Dell . . . sorry that the reason for your trip was a sad one. Have a Happy New Year!

    Susan from The Well

  2. Yes the first day or so for us takes a little “re adjusting” for our boys after traveling to see family members…Always glad to be home!! Looks like you saw a lot of new sights!!

  3. Isn’t Mt Rushmore beautiful. We were there when my youngest was 6 months old. Glad to have you back home in WY. We need to get together this next week before Kristi moves on.

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