So proud of my Kaira-girl!

Kaira just finished making Christmas presents for her two sisters.  Two handsewn doll pillows!  She did the stitching herself, with some help on threading the needle.  (I did help with tangled thread a couple times, and at the very end I helped her stitch closed the hole left for the stuffing.)  But she finished her very first attempt at real sewing, and the pillows are adorable! 


Today I'll help Kendra with her sister gifts (she's bursting to finish them!), and we'll make something for Daddy.  Then I'll scramble to finish all the laundry.


Yesterday was quite productive.  Kristy baked bread!  (WOO HOO KRISTY!), and I made mashed potato casseroles, and baby food for Prince Keegan.  (He shall be dining on yams with a hint of cream, and butter.)  I also finished all the gift wrapping.  (At 4 am, but, hey, I finished!  It doesn't help that I can't just wrap a gift, I try to turn each package into an elegant work of art.  )    


I made my menu for the upcoming week too!  Do you want to see what we are eating? Of course you do.  I'm sure everyone in the blogosphere is waiting with bated breath to hear what the PrairieFrogs shall eat in the coming days.



Friday (Tonight):




Saturday (Christmas Eve):



Tossed Salads

Cranberry Sauce


Herbed buttered rice



Sunday (Christmas Day):

Spiral Ham

Leg of Lamb


Cranberry/Raspberry Jello Salad

Cheeses, olives and other such stuff

Cheesy Mashed Potatoes

Greenbean casserole



Apple crisp

Mystery dessert (My mother-in-law offered to bring something, I decided we can always use more dessert!)



Leftovers, redone



Grilled Mahimahi and salmon (See what your tuna post did, Dawn!)

Veggie of some sort–peas perhaps?

Baked Potato

Fruit plate



One thought on “So proud of my Kaira-girl!

  1. do we get to see pics of the gifts?
    great job kristy – did you save some for me? 😀
    i love the food menu…MMMMMM…

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