Cookie Baking and other news.

Today we bake cookies!  The girls are excited about “Christmas cut-out” time!  (*Winks at Amy Kate, because I wasn't familiar with the term “Christmas-cut-outs” and she very kindly helped educate me.)  We are making Citrus Cream Cheese ones. 


It has been fun getting ready for Christmas.  I mostly have cooking/baking left, but there is still one batch of gifts left to wrap.  My parents arrive tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to a house full of merry festivities!


The girls' piano recital went supurbly!  Kaira played “Away in a Manger” with the “other” melody.  It was quite lovely.  Kendra played jubilantly as well, beaming her way through, “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”  Both girls displayed enthusiasm and confidence.  🙂  I enjoy watching the other children perform too.  Just watching the different personalities shine through is a joy.  Ken's mom was there, as were his dad and stepmom.  Kristy joined us as well, so we were quite a large part of the audience!  Afterward Ken's mom treated us to a nice dinner out, and the children were more patient than I was about the hour long delay with our order.  Dinner was quite nice, however, and we enjoyed visiting with Ken's mom!


In recent news, I've found a way to style Keianna's hair so that it doesn't look like a palm tree sprouting out of her head.  I just do the usual pony tail atop her head, but then flip it through, and it looks much less unusual.  The palm tree look is kinda cute though.


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