Another PrairieFrog Birthday!

Keianna Noelle, our sweet little “Christmas Song” enjoyed her birthday celebration last night!  Kristy made a HIT with the balloon, which was likely the highlight of Keianna's day!  Our 'Anna dined on nachos and cake, and seemed pleased with her gifts, and basked in the attention. 


In other news, Ken and I were extreemely impressed with Narnia.  It was WONDERFULLY done!  I was thrilled with the way Aslan was portrayed as–well, as Aslan! 


Anyway, Here are a couple pictures of our birthday girl, my own little ragamuffin.  Happy Birthday, Keianna!




2 thoughts on “Another PrairieFrog Birthday!

  1. Where in Wyoming are you? My sister is a travelling nurse, and her next assignment is in Casper, Wyoming. She’ll be there at the end of Jan …. and she’s not used to the cold northern weather, we’ll see how she likes it.

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