First Date!

Keianna had her first date last night.


He was tall and handsome. 


Yes, he was her daddy.  I teased him about going on a date with another lady–a younger woman and a cute blue-eyed-blonde at that!


He said his date got him LOTS of attention!  She had excellent manners and people keep stopping by his table to exclaim about how cute and sweet she was.  She, in turn appeared to have grand time.


*I* have a date this afternoon!  Ken is taking me to Narnia!   


Meanwhile, I'd best get busy!  It will be a full day, with Narnia at noon, Keianna's birthday celebration this evening, and laundry and holiday baking to “squeeze in the cracks!  There is beautiful white snow falling outside, and warmth and holiday busyiness inside!  Let it snow!


2 thoughts on “First Date!

  1. That sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    Just curious…how often do the girls have “dates” with dad? I see that your daughter is 2…is that when you begin? Does he rotate with each girl or are the “dates” on as needed basis? I am just really curious, because growing up I had never heard of this until the last year or so, but would like to do something similar with the boys. (maybe still the boys and dad, so they can have some QUALITY alone time).

  2. Sounds like she and daddy had a wonderful date! We do dates on occasion here too and it's always such a special time!Edited by mom2rebels on Wednesday, December 21, 2005 at 6:26 AM

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