Update on Melissa Snow

We are rejoicing at the improvements the past two days have brought.  Thank you to those who have been praying, and please do keep Melissa and her family in prayer–they are grappling with many challenges and some hard decisions, as they trust in God's will and timing.   


Here's a few lines from Melissa this morning, posted at Hearth Keepers and CaringBridge:

“I just HAD to get on this morning, I am feeling so good this morning!!!!!

I am able to move BOTH of my legs this morning and the therapist is bringing by a walker after lunch to get me to walking.”

And another bit from Melissa, showing her of love for God and for her family.

“I want to make it clear that we have complete peace in God's plan for us and our family. I realize that God has the power to heal me completely but I also know it isn't His will to always do that. Our goal is to be vessels to bring glory to God in whatever way He chooses. With the tumor as large as it is and placed where it is, I very well may loose my motor functions permanetly but we are going to do what we can. We do plan on trying radiation, but if they get off at all they will destroy my memory. Curtis and I have talked about this extensively and if we feel that is at risk we will stop treatment. Even if it means my true timeline comes down to five years(that is what the internet said) I want to KNOW my family”

You can read the updates at her CaringBridge site, or click on the heart button in my post a few posts down to link there. 


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