School back "in Session"

After taking most of last week off due to the Christmas Party in Colorado, school has been back in session the past three days at PrairieFrogs Academy.  The children are enjoying a microscope that was our gift from Grandma and Grandpa in the Beatty gift exchange!  Kaira especially had been yearning for one (unbeknownst to Grandma and Granpa)  since reading an easy reader titled Greg's Microscope over a year ago.  Last night both girls compared samples of various fur and wool under the lense.


After the academics today the girls are looking forward to assembling a nativity scene they colored themselves.  Here's a link to print, cut and your own nativity! 


Kendra hopes to finish her 100 Easy Lessons in learning to read before the New Year and before her much anticipated 4th birthday.  Kaira is almost through her typing program! 

Math, and handwriting are progressing, and they are enjoying our “journey” through the 50 States book. 


Because we homeschool, I can be a rebel and think of the school year in tandem with the calendar year.  Especially as we school year round, this is more natural to me.  The children's birthdays are all near the Holidays, so it seems that they “graduate” in many ways around the Christmas Holiday.  Thus I'm working out my goals for the coming school term and trying to get my brain around our ever expanding studies.  I'll be sure to bore everyone with details about our plans for 2006 in another blog entrly! 


3 thoughts on “School back "in Session"

  1. Oh please feel free to share… I enjoy reading what you are doing, since my boys are pretty close in age to your girls, it is nice to read what others are doing and finding sucess or problems with.

  2. LOVE your blog~

    I just subscribed to HK and haven’t posted an intro. but wanted to say hello and say I like your blog… and your pics!

  3. Mominpa, I’m right there with ya, I SO enjoy reading about what others are using.

    Tenna, Thanks for visiting my blog! Welcome to HK too!

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