Millet & other birdbrain thoughts

After a lovely morning at church (I SO love the Christmas Hymns!), we had a quiet afternoon at home.  Advent reading and stringing popcorn were the main activities. 


The conversation as they strung popcorn was interesting, “Hello popcorn!” they would say to each piece being strung, “We are going to poke you with a needle, then hang you on a tree and birds and squirrels will eat you. Or if you break when the needle goes through you, *I* will gobble you up.  I love you little popcorn.”  (Yes, my girls were talking with each kernel of popcorn. Not only talking to it, but taunting it, describing its fate.  Sigh.) 


Later this evening we watched a videotape of Kristy's family's Thanksgiving gathering.  The children especially enjoyed watching the antics of Kristy's adorable little brother.


Keianna made Ken's day by giving a clear full sentence, “I love you, Daddy!” as he put her down for nap this afternoon.  Awww!


At dinner tonight Kaira appropriately dubbed herself, “The Kaira of Many Questions.”


Tomorrow we plan to finish some pine cone ornaments (pinecones slathered in peanut butter then rolled in millet) to hang with the popcorn garlands on an evergreen outside.  The children are excited about decorating a Christmas tree for our winged friends!


Ken is wondering WHY I happen to have a large quantity of millet on hand in the pantry.  While it DOES come in handy when making outdoor ornament/bird feeders, I must admit, I don't really know what I'd originally intended to do with it.  I didn't remind him that I think there's another 15 pounds or so stored in the barn. 


Years ago we helped some friends move.  As we helped them transport pail after pail of millet, they admitted they really didn't know why that had the stuff to begin with.  Now we find ourselves having unexplained quantities of this bird-food ourselves.   I have a vague recollection of thinking I'd grind it and include it in my bread, but WHY?  I think it can be made into hot cereal.  Hmmm…


So, do YOU have buckets of millet hiding in barn, garage, basement or pantry?  Do you remember WHY?


4 thoughts on “Millet & other birdbrain thoughts

  1. I don’t have any loose millet in my garage, but I have a guess on what you intended to do with it. Perhaps you thought you might one day make cloth juggling balls, and use the millet for filling.
    Grumpy Dave

  2. Phil was on a “spluge claen” yesterday and found at least 20 hair ties of various design all over the house…mind you that i am the only oone that uses them!

    **giggle, snicker, snort**

    so, what is “millet” anyhow??? (blushing shamefully)

  3. Dell, millet is a delicious breakfast cereal. It takes just 20 minutes to cook. You can put a little butter in the pan, and slightly brown the millet before you cook it, but it isn’t necessary. For each cup of millet, use two cups of water. Bring to a boil, then let simmer. You should stir it a few times while it is cooking.

  4. Dell-Dell,

    I have a small bag of millet in my freezer. I use it in some bread recipes. I’ll bet you bought it to put in bread and misplaced the recipe. Then again, misplacing recipes is my trick.

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