Yes, I DID make it!

But not in time to update my blog before leaving, hee hee. Ok, so I was madly getting the last things done up to the last minute.


We had a wonderful time at our gathering! The family party at my mother-in-law's yesterday was a delight. It was such fun to watch the “double cousins” together. 


This afternoon Grandma had a special treat in store.  While Grandma took her daughters-in-law and grand-daughters to the Nutcracker Suite, Ken stayed with the napping tiny-tots, and watched Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy with his brother and the children's Grandpa. I think we ladies got the better deal!   Kaira and Kendra were enchanted by the ballet, and I think my little niece was too. My daughters are sure to be twirling around the house as little sugar plum fairies in coming days.


Isn't it funny after spending a couple of days away though–even when you have a splendid time, it is good to be home.  On that note, I'm about to crawl into my own familiar bed. 


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