Reading another homeschool mom’s blog today (Our Side of the Mountain), I noticed she’d placed a note at the top that I thought would definitely apply here. She noted that due to the public nature of this forum, she tends to share the more upbeat portions of their daily lives, and therefore a reader shouldn’t assume that the blog represents the sum total of their experience.

It is easy to think everyone else has it all together. Many of those reading this blog know me from other avenues and KNOW I don’t have it all together. (HUSH, KRISTY!) For anyone who has happened upon this blog and doesn’t know me in real life, let me assure you that my children misbehave, I get behind on laundry, and I lack patience all too often.  I have days I’d like to hide in the pantry, and I have days when I DO hide in the pantry.  Sometimes I have days when I cause my family to wish THEY could all hide in the pantry.

Our days have their rough spots, but they are also full of delights–and I prefer to primarily reflect on (and share) the delights!


One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. and don’t forget that you started blogging about your undergarments also…sheesh! 😉

    i’ll have to revert back to thinking that you are really Kate….ROFLOL!!!

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