Three Petticoat Day!

With flannel petticoats layered under my skirt, I'm listening to the wind howl in the chimney.  Brrr!  (Oh, horrors!  Now I'm blogging about my undergarments.  Some of us have no shame!)


While today the weather is bleak with violent winds, last night was lovely!  As snow fell softly outside, we were snug indoors watching an old “Little House on the Prairie” Christmas episode.  Secrets abounded as Ma, Pa, Laura, and Mary went to great lenghts to surprise each other–a charming story with an ending reminiscent of O'Henry's Gift of the Magi.  Through it all, Jesus Christ was mentioned as the reason for celebrating.   Refreshing, wholesome, and fun! 


As the sun set, we put on the christmas music and plugged in the white Christmas lights over the window and on the tree.  Ken came in from the barn, and decided home would be a good place to stay on this snowy evening.  So, while we missed fellowship with our church family, we didn't at all miss driving our van over icy roads.


For dinner, we enjoyed the Beef & Barley Stew–well, *I* enjoyed it.  It wasn't a favorite of the rest of the family, but they ate it–it was food.  After dinner we had some cozy time with some read-alouds.  We've been reading selections from Stories Behind The Best-Loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins.  While I finished cutting the fabric for the outfits I'm sewing, Kristy read to us about Good King Wenceslas (who was actually a Duke, and an excellent role-model at that.) 


Ken and I each read to the children from our stack of Christmas “Coffee Table” books as well. 


Ah home!  The cozy comfort of home, and the warmth of family!  Warmer than a flannel petticoat. 


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