Another quiet Sunday morning!

Ken worked all last night, and is now catching a much needed nap, so the children  and I are having a quiet morning.  I'm hoping to cut out a the last of the outfits I'm sewing, and just enjoy my wee ones today.  This evening, after our own Advent reading at home, we'll attend the evening church service.


My little helpers have been busy with their chores already this morning.  They recently each “graduated” to new jobs, and are so proud of their new duties!  Kendra is particularly excited that she now unloades the dishwasher!  Rinsing the dishes after the meal is Kaira's job, and she's grown into it quite well.  Not to be left out, Keianna loves to help clear the table!  (They have several other things they help with, but these are their 'latest and greatest' new household responsibilities, and they are quite smug about them.)


I'm going to  get busy and start some barley Soup in the Crock Pot so we will have food this evening!  (And I also need to see why Keegan is complaining.  Is it his diaper?  Is he ready for an early nap?  Or is he just overwhelmed by big sisters trying to dress him in the playsilks again?  The girls are singing, “Happy Wedding to You,” to the  tune of happy birthday, so I suspect the little fellow is afraid he's being married off.)


Here's a couple of silly shots Ken took last night of “us girls” dancing to Christmas music.  They are NOT Christmas Card material or particularily picturesque, just us being goofey. 




3 thoughts on “Another quiet Sunday morning!

  1. Thanks for sharing…looks like a grand ol’ time!!

    We just started some new jobs of helping prepare meals!! :0 The boys love it and it is teaching me PATIENCE!!!! Its amazing how much they love new “jobs”.

  2. My girls love new responsibilities too and the priveleges that come along with them. When my oldest was little she pleaded with me to be able to cook, do dishes and laundry before I thought she was old enough … I gave in and found out she was plenty old enough. Good job letting them learn while they are little! 🙂

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