Busy with holiday extras!

The holidays are fun!  We are busy with lots of extra stuff, and it feels almost surrealistic being off our routine.  It is challenging to find that balance as to how much “flex” is best.  School has been pushed aside for a couple of mornings now, which is RARE for us.  I've finished redoing my nephew's flannel playsuit, and this morning I got Keegan's stitched up as well. I'll show my nephew's below.  (And here's a link to the ones I'm making for the girls)


The oldest two girls are busy planning the gifts they will make for their siblings, and secrets abound.  Kristy has been busy, secretively making __________'s, and I must say I'm quite curious as to what my ________ will be!


Kaira is working hard on her alternate rendition of “Away in a Manger” to play at church and at the piano recital.  Kendra too has been busy practicing her beginning Suzuki songs. Refusing to be left out, Keianna listens to the “big girls” practice, then pleads to play too.  Sometimes she astounds us by mimicing part of the melody from her sisters' pieces! 


I need to get a couple of the gift baskets assembled by next Wednesday, as we are doing an early Christmas for my sister and mother-in-law.  I won't tell what I'll put in them, on the off chance that the recipients read this blog.



One of my favorite times of day is when we gather for our Advent read-aloud and candle lighting. 


I promised a photo of my nephew's redone playsuit.  The buttons won't really be crooked.  I'd not yet stitched them before taking the picture, but had laid them on for “show”, and one slipped.



4 thoughts on “Busy with holiday extras!

  1. Love the playsuit! You are doing a great job sewing! I’ve spent most of my day shopping so I can then “relax” and make the rest of my gifts (knitting and beading.) Have a wonderful weekend!

    beth in nc

  2. Love the way the overalls came out!!! Definitely looks like a boy’s outfit now. I really need to buy that Holly/Hunter pattern. I think I’ll like it so much better than what I’ve been doing.

    So, Dell, I’m curious about something. In all the pictures I see of your children, they have their pettidress or bloomers on and shoes and socks and hair done all the time! Are you fooling me or does that get done everyday? That is one of my goals actually. We’ve been working on getting dressed first thing…including socks and doing hair (we don’t wear shoes in the house). I think I get more accomplished that way. 🙂

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