What I Didn't Do Today

There was much more I didn't do today than what I DID do.


I didn't bake bread.


I didn't do the ironing, or the mending.  (I don't even want to THINK about the mending.)


I didn't get the cloth cut for my niece's and nephew's outfits.


I didn't clean out the pantry.


I didn't assemble any Christmas baskets.


And I didn't figure out how to accompany Kaira on her Christmas hymn.


I did teach school, manage a load of laundry, fix dinner, eat most of my birthday chocolates, and picked out about $500 worth of stuff I'd like to buy in homeschool catalogs. (Don't wory I won't BUY it all, but I can drool, right?) Oh, and I took a cute picture of Keianna.  



5 thoughts on “What I Didn't Do Today

  1. It was my birthday so I declared a holiday! I lounged around, read and played with the kids all day! I also got stung by a bee but that really doesn’t qualify as a gift. LOL

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