How to cook a turkey

After reading Amy Beth's blog, I decided to ask my own girls how to cook a turkey.  (The turkey graphic is stolen from Amy Beth's blog too.)



Kendra (age 3) didn't really have any idea where to start.  She said, “First you take a pizza…” 


Um… ok…



So… I asked the resident 6 year old.  Kaira's recipie went as follows:


2 pounds of salt

6 tablespoons of sugar


Put 2 lbs of salt and 6 tbs sugar on the turkey.  Put it in the oven at 16 degrees for 3 hours.  Eat it.

Thanks, Amy Beth!  That was fun! 


4 thoughts on “How to cook a turkey

  1. My Kindergarten teacher made a cookbook with all recipes from my class. I never understood why my mom wouldn’t use it to actually cook with. 😀 (That is, until I was older, and knew more about cooking)

  2. Better stock up on water… LOL.. Those are so precious! I did it last year, too. It was soooo funny. I would have thought Sarah Beth’s would have been a little bit more on target since she is glued to Foodnetwork all day! LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

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