Teething Over-Achiever

Keegan just can't do it gradually.  Last week both he and Keianna were cutting teeth.  That was last week.  Now he decided that he could torture himself (and his family) more…


His pearly white tooth came through, and now he's working five more.  Yes, indeed, I can see the white of five, yes, FIVE teeth under the gum, all are nearly through to surface, but just haven't quite cut through. 


One at a time, maybe even two on occasion was good enough for his sisters, but NO… this boy wants to go from 3 teeth to 8 in a few days. Olympic teething.


Gonna go pop the blue-triangular teething thingie in the freezer.

2 thoughts on “Teething Over-Achiever

  1. She’s going to be 1 on 12-6 …. and 3 teeth have come in in the past couple of weeks, with 3 more on the way! And sorry, when I said the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice I meant A&E! I forget people can’t read my mind. Although I think BBC was part of the production. And YES, it is a great movie, even though it is 6 hours long.

  2. I know about that one too. My son is now 8.5 years but at about 8.5 months old he decided to cut his firs 4 teeth in a matter of days two at a time and pull himself up and walk around the coffee table and crawl all at the same time. He had not crawled up to this point becasue he could not lift himself up. See he was as big as most 18 month olds. And I think he was waiting to Mamaw and show off to her. We were visiting my oldest step-daughter for her baby shower. Yes I have a grandson who is 9 months younger than my son.Almost to the day. But my ds did his feets with the watchful eye of big sisters(I have 2 step daughters) and Mamaw and Momma watching. It was great we were all there.
    Tanya IamHis

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