Resource List for Stephanie (NiaBean)

Stephanie commented on yesterdays blog and asked about some of the books and materials we use.  (Dell waves frantically at Stephanie!   GOOD to see you!)  Click on the words to go wherever…


Oh, and bloomers! Stephanie inquired about the bloomers my girls wear.  I don't make them, but my sweet mother-in-law did!  She is terrific, making short (knee length) ones in summer and ankle length bloomers for winter!  Keeping all the girls in bloomers is SUCH a neat blessing!


MightyMind and Visual Perceptual Skill Building are published by the Critical Thinking Company, but I purchased mine at Timberdoodle, I think.


Baby Math, is a concept from Glen Doman–some of his writings are rather humanistic, but the dot cards are just simple math, and we love them.


Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, by Engelmann is available from, CBD, and many other places.  I linked Timberdoodle.


God is Good Series by Rod and Staff .  Just simple, wholesome readers.  Not as annoying as some.


For studying the 50 States, we are using: National Geographic's Our Fifty States Atlas.  (Disclaimer, there are a few reference to a river or mtn range being formed over millions of years–we disagree with the publisher on that and just explain it as we go.)

First World Atlas by DK publishing


Professor B math  An off beat choice for math, but it fits us.


Singapore Math: We use it as a supplement to Professor B, and use the Primary Mathematics only, not the extra practice books, as the Singapore is, for us, extra practice in itself.

Victory Drill book.  We don't use worksheets or anything with it, just the book.  It can also be purchased from Keepers of the Faith.


Typing Instructor  This program is great.  You can customize each child's plan and skip the annoying  games, you can change the tests and customize so that they type scripture passages, or whatever you, as the parent choose for them… it is fantastic!


I also mentioned that we do reading comprehension in a loosely Charlotte Mason style… here are a few books on Charlotte Mason’s approach: For the Children's Sake, by Susan MacAulay, or Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.


8 thoughts on “Resource List for Stephanie (NiaBean)

  1. if one were interested in the Victory Drill book, would you suggest that one also get the PRE-Drill and Teacher guide? hypothetically, that is 😉

  2. We just jumped in to Victory Drill book, and never bothered with the pre-drill stuff.

    But, I've never seen a point in most "readiness" stuff, we just jump in. (Never bothered with preschool, or even K level of most stuff… we just start at 1st grad (young) and go slowly where needed.

    BUT that's just us… someone must like the PreDrill book or it wouldn't exist. 😉

    I don't have the teacher guide either. It explains how to use it in the first few pages of the book itself, and it isn't at all complicated. (I guess someone could do MORE with it than we do, but we keep it pretty simple.)

    Come on over and take a look at my book! Better yet, relocate to Wyoming! 😀Edited by Dell on Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 1:00 PM

  3. Could you tell me more about how you are using the Atlas and such…my ds (who will be 5 in Jan) has a real “LOVE” for maps and learning more… (in fact he is “soaking” up the weather report on the news right now…anytime there is a map involved he is very interested. Teaching him about Thanksgiving–you guessed he wanted to learn more about the journey than the people!! Just curious. We are using Interlock as our main core but I’m really thinking about adding something with maps/geography.


  4. On the 40 states and other atlas, we just read a section per day. I show them on the globe, and we read from one cover to the other, just section (one state, country, continent, region, or however it is divided) per day.

    I’m sure many could get creative and do more with it, but I’m not one to incorporate a lot of complicated creative stuff, I just serve it up straight. (Yeah, we are pretty boring)

  5. Hi Dell! I just purchased the Victory Drill Book, but did not get the Teacher’s Guide. Can you tell me what the astericks are for on the pages? Is the child supposed to read all the way down one column, or stop at the astericks? I am confused 🙂 ! Thanks for any help you can give!

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