Mouse in the Corner

What might you see if you could watch our homeschool on a ‘typical’ day?

Due to the ages of the scholars presently enrolled in PrairieFrogs Academy, the routine has to have flexibility.  A typical day is a mythical thing.

We enjoy school year round, rarely taking more than a few days off at a time. If we miss a couple days of school the children petition to resume, and I hear choruses of, “Mommy, can we please do school today?”

With our scholars being so young, the more formal part of our school day is only a couple of hours–usually between 10 and noon, with chances of afternoon showers of spontaneous academics.

School time starts with Bible.  All students who are awake (Keegan is usually down for a morning nap) join in for our Bible reading. Other things the children work on together are musical notation, geography, and “brain warm ups”.  Tangram like pattern block puzzles from MightyMind or a fun maze, matching game or other printout from a book called Visual Perceptual Skill Building follow our Bible reading and get their minds churning.

Our youngest students, Keegan and Keianna are “enrolled”  in line training and Baby Math. We’ve gotten a little haphazard about doing their “dot cards” for math, but after seeing remarkable results on Kendra, we are determined to get back on track. After the holidays Keianna will get to join in on the academics as she learns her letters.

Kendra is at an exciting threshold academically! She’s nearly through 100 Easy Lessons, and enjoys reading simple readers such as the “God is Good” series from Rod and Staff. The two oldest girls are studying the United States together, as each day we study a different state. After covering all 50 States, we will read through a fun and informative First World Atlas before beginning our more formal study of history on a four year rotation. Kendra does much of the Professor B math orally alongside Kaira.

Kaira is going through the Victory Drill book again at the next speed level. Her Italic Handwriting worksheets are custom designed by Mommy, and reading comprehension is done somewhat Charlotte Mason style. Math concepts are introduced and solidified with Professor B math, then reviewed with Singapore. Kaira’s favorite part of school at the moment is learning to type with Typing Instructor. Always reading, and having a bit of a scholarly bent, Kaira astounds me by spending hours of her free time pouring over a world map, or studying astronomy, or sheep raising, or whatever piques her interest in a given week.

Glimpses into the lives of other homeschoolers are always a delight to me, and I hope you enjoyed a peak into our school.

As our students grow, things morph and change.  This is our 7th year homeschooling, and each year is different–and yet, there’s a rhythm and pattern that lends cozy familiarity year-to-year.  Stay tuned for updates!

2 thoughts on “Mouse in the Corner

  1. What a blessing it has been for me to read your blog! I pray that I can learn to be as patient and consistent with schooling my children as you are. It is a problem area for me that seems to get worse not better. Some of the books you mentioned in todays post seemed interesting. Could you list the publishers for me or a link where I can find them? Thank you!

    Oh and I love the bloomers, did you make them?


  2. Hi Stephanie! I posted a reply as today’s blog subject, giving links to all we use.
    I’d be interested in what you use for school too! It is such fun to hear how other families “do school”!

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