Piano Guild

Today was Piano Guild, and the girls played for a few other students and parents, their teacher, and a guest judge.


My eldest was bursting with confidence as skipped to the front of the room and announced, “My name is Kaira, and I’ll be playing Alegretto I by Czerny.” She played well,and listened closely to the judge's suggestions on improving technique.


Kendra was eager to be next. Bouncing up to the gand piano, her radient smile offset her quiet voice as she announced her piece. Her rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was halting but energetic, and everyone in the room grinned from beginning to end. Upon finishing she hopped down from the bench and bowed so exuberantly I wondered that she didn’t bonk her head on the floor.


Judging from the sparkle in their eyes, both girls were inspired by watching the other students perform as well. One boy in particular, being a step ahead of Kaira in skill, was a great motivation to them.


After guild, Ken treated our young pianists (and the rest of the family) to lunch at Chili’s. Keegan was a bit unsure of the mashed potatoes served to him, but was a pleasant dining companion regardless, charming the waitress and entertaining his sisters.


Returning home, I indulged in a nap while the girls entertained their daddy in a few rounds of CandyLand. (They even let him win.)


2 thoughts on “Piano Guild

  1. I’d love to hear your girls play, Dell! I’m always glad to hear of young ladies learning to play the piano. I wish them success!

    Susan (from the Well)

  2. The jumpers are ADORABLE!!! I have never sewn in my life, but after seeing those I wish I knew how!!!

    Sounds like you have some real talented musicians!! 🙂 At what age did they start? Do you teach them yourselves?

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