One more down–I hope?

I have my nephew's playsuit done except for buttons… *IF* it fits.  He's the same height as Keianna who is modeling it, but proportioned differently.  I'm wishing I'd made the shoulder straps longer.  They are maxed out on Keianna, and my nephew is long in the torso, so I'm holding my breath hoping it will work for him.


Ken told me last night that it looked like “a dress with legs” so I tapered the wide legs in a bit this morning.  Maybe a pocket to match the leg cuffs would help too?  Both lining and outer material are cozy flannel.  So toasty!  Being fully lined, it is reversable so if it isn't “boy” enough I might have the denim look outside with the bears/bunnies and ducks as lining… Hmmm….


And Keianna is just modeling, since I don't have the right sized boy handy–she'll get a dress like big sister's. I think she's eager to have her own.  While trying on her cousin's she kept pointing to the print and saying, “Bear, Bear! Bunny, Bunny! Cute!”  She also kept going over to the stack of bows I've made up for the front of the jumpers and asking, “Bow? Bow?” So I know she'll like the more girlie version, bow and all.







2 thoughts on “One more down–I hope?

  1. Dell, you’ve inspired me to get back to my machine! I’m working on lap quilts for Christmas presents. I am machine quilting in order to make a few before Christmas. On the one I’m working on I’m at the stage I like the least (quilting all three layers together). I don’t know why this is my least favorite, but I have discovered that it is. To help this, I have set daily goals until I get it done. I’m almost there!
    Happy Sewing!
    Julie D.

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