Rustproofing cast iron

As a compulsive reader, I'll read whatever is available. When material is scarce, even my husband's HandyMan magazines are fair game. His most recent issue had an intriguing article by Mike Berger, entitled, “Forging Iron, How metal working got its start”.  In addition to being interesting from a historic perspective, it had a useful 19th century Blacksmith's tip on rustproofing–Something that could be useful to many a homemaker using cast-iron cookware!


“Place the item you want to treat on top of a kitchen stove and heat it to about 300 degrees. Remove the item from the stove (remember to protect your hands) and rub pure beeswax over the surface while the metal is hot. The heat causes the metal's pores to open, and they will soak up the beeswax like a sponge. Then set the item aside and let it cool naturally. As it does, the pores will close, trapping the beeswax within the surface of the metal and rendering the item rust-resistant. The treatment lasts about a year, at which point you can recoat the item. -MB”


My cast-iron cookware is enamel coated, so this doesn't apply, but I have an iron griddle that was left in our barn loft, and I'm going to try this tip on it!


4 thoughts on “Rustproofing cast iron

  1. You can get a drill and wire-brush and run the brush with the drill and get the rust off that way then you can clean it up and season the cast iron

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