Blog stuff & Trackbacks…

Home School Blogger, Amy Beth, of MySmokeyMtnHomeschool, has posted a couple of helpful threads for new bloggers.  She posted some general hints and tips, and then in a follow-up post she even explains the Great Trackback Mystery


I've added a trackback to her blog on this post–let's see if it works. 


In reading about blogging, I also noticed that some people like to fit a blog into a category: Is it a “Daily Log/Journal” type of blog, a “photo-blog”, a “political blog”…  Well, this particular blog is just a Prairiefrog Blog.  It is about whatever we PrairieFrogs, and me in particular, desire to share on a given day.  One day might be photos, one day a recipie, another day just a glimpse into our school time or breakfast conversation.  It may be philosophical one day, and trivial the next.   (Expect it to be trivial most of the time.)





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