It feels good to be getting things DONE!


Christmas ornaments (for the ornament exchange) are assembled, boxed, and shipped!  Laundry is mostly done, I baked bread this morning, and Kristy and I are working on sewing jumpers for the girls and rompers for the boys! 


This evening Ken's brother will be visiting from Arizona, along with his wife and daughter.  (The boys won't be with them this trip, but I hope we'll get to see them soon too!)  We are looking forward to a nice visit with Ken's Dad & Mary as well as the Arizona representatives.


2 thoughts on “Productivity!

  1. Dell,

    I need a day like this! Saturdays tend to be very lazy feeling for me, like I’m supposed to have a day OFF or something! I think with older kids it is easy to let them do their own thing since they don’t need me as much as younger kids do. I need a kick in the butler!

    So glad you were able to accomplish so much. I am sure Kristy is learning loads from you!

  2. Sounds like you are feeling better. Glad you were able to get a bunch done and sounds like a fun visit with dh’s family.

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