I'm wondering about that “Word of the Day” gizmo I put the sidebar of this blog.  It won't update the word each day on my view until I click on it.  Wonder if people are just seeing the same word every day?


Today looks colder outside after a brief spell of warm weather.  (Yesterday my girls enjoyed hours of outside play, without so much as a sweater, and I had a chance to open all the windows and air out the house.  A much needed opportunity, as I'd been steaming onions for our coughs.  Ah, a breath of fresh air to open things up!) 


Today is cleaning day, and I'm hoping to get a head start on tomorow's laundry.  We also HAVE to finish the Christmas ornaments for the ornament exchange on Hearth Keepers,as they must mail out tomorrow.  *Gulp*.  I do hope no one expects great things.  Kaira and Kendra are doing most of the project.  Although it means that the ornaments are simple, and well… something a 3 year old could do (since Kendra IS 3 years old), the girls are SO proud of themselves for making these almost by themselves!


The eldest two are mostly recovered from the colds, but the little ones are still struggling.  In addition Keegan has several new teeth coming in at once, and Keianna had one finally break through the gum last night, I think. (Which does explain why she was so miserable yesterday, poor tyke.)  I don't think I've ever had two children teething at once before.  Ah, the adventures!


And I finally found something that I can wear to Ken's company Christmas party!  My usual style is somewhat of a mix between Ma Ingalls, Jane Austin, June Cleaver, and Dr Quinn.  I love to dress up, but have a hard time finding something tasteful and modest that blends in at all with the “gownless evening straps” usually worn to such functions.  Add in the fact that it needs to adapt to a nursing baby, and not break the bank, and finding anything appropriate is a challenge indeed.


I found some nice skirt & blouse sets on ebay though, and am delighted! 




6 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Even though the word was yesterdays, (laudable) when I clicked on it, I went to the new word. If others have the same result, you might want to delete the word itself from your link, and let it be a surprise.

  2. Two teething at once on top of being sick! Wowzers, poor little ones and poor mom! Hope all the yuckies are on the way out the door and you will all be feeling much better for the weekend!

  3. DELL that dress is BEAUTIFUL! Have Kristy take a couple of pics of you and your hubby! Hope the kids are still recovering! I see Daddy’s phrase “Gownless evening straps” is rubbing off on you.

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